Hey! I'm Pat,

CRM A​rchitect /
Sales F​unnel Designer /
​WP Web Developer &​​
Digital ​​Nomad

I design/develop real estate on the web with the intention of making money. I’ve been a web developer and digital marketer since 2001 and for the last 9 years I’ve been traveling around the world working from my laptop. Let me teach you step-by-step how to create your own freedom life and make money online with a WordPress website.

My Current Ventures

Learn how to build and automate an online business with the WordPress CMS.

Web Development, Sales Funnel Design, CRM Architecture, Consulting, and JV’s.

Blazing Fast WordPress hosting with a Done-for-You Master Website!

The Freedom Life

"Do what you love to do, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, as much as you want."

This is a quote I live by. I have worked hard over the years and have achieved a lot of freedom in my life. My life long goal is to continue to achieve my freedom while my online income grows. This will give me more time to serve and teach more people out there looking to achieve their own version of the freedom life.

A Few of My Other Sites

My Ninja Skills

As a 20+ year web developer, digital marketer, and graphic designer I've mastered and learned a lot of skills along the way. I'm very experienced with:

wordPress development

I can build you a beautiful fully customized WordPress website.

CRM Automations

I can help you collect data on your visitors and customers.

lead generation

I can help you get more leads and turn them into customers.

sales funnel design

Increase the LTV of your subscribers with a proper sales funnel.

eComm + Memberships

I can help you build an eCommerce shop and full featured membership.

SEO + getting web traffic

I can help you get found in search engines across the web.

affiliate programs

I can teach you how to earn affiliate commissions with a blog.

joint ventures (JV's)

I can show you how to find influencers and others to promote your brand.

digital product launches

New to the game? Let me help you get your product out to the world.

Websites I've Designed + Developed

2020 + Beyond...

My goal by the end of 2020 is to help and empower 1,000 people to get their online business started. Learn more on my websites below on how I plan to do it.

For the next couple of years I'll be focused on the growth of these 3 businesses while I travel around the world and continue to explore different countries and cultures.

Work With Me

Since 2001, I’ve happily helped over 500 brands with their web business adventures online. My clients and business partners now have a combined social following of over 23 Million. ​Let me teach you everything I know about building a successful online business.

1-on-1 Zoom Screenshare

Let me create your million dollar blueprint. A one hour consult with me can change your life and online business.


MAH 1 Day Smash

Want a fully designed and developed WordPress site with eCommerce ​all connected to an automated ​CRM?


MAH 2 Day Ninja Site

Add a fully custom membership portal and affiliate program to your master automation hub.


web development

Get a fully complete WordPress website  designed and developed just for you.

Starting at $1000

CRM architecture

​Let me create all your funnel flows and automations in your ​CRM. ​

Starting at $1000

sales funnel design

​Let me create and design your sales funnels, setup a/b testing, and analytics.

Starting at $1000

Since 2001...

I’ve happily helped over 500 brands with their web business adventures on and offline.

I’m a professional WordPress web developer, sales funnel designer, affiliate marketer, software designer, blog design teacher, graphic designer, SEO guy, digital marketing web strategist, FB Ads re-marketing pro, and blogger. I know, I know, that’s a lot of roles I just listed. Well let me tell you, in this business to be one of the best you need to be able to know and understand all these roles. Otherwise, you have to outsource which is something I don’t do. Understanding all these roles allows me to put together sales funnels and business blueprints with ease. I handcraft every website on my own with no help. This is how I operate as a one man badass web business building machine. 😉

If you’re interested in knowing more about how my businesses operate, please visit one to learn more.