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I teach people how to travel around the world and make money from their laptop. Let me show you the ways of the new age digital nomad.

​It's All About Em' 

My name is Pat Ness and I’m the founder of SMB Master. Since 2001, I’ve happily helped over 500 brands with their web business adventures on and offline. I’m a professional WordPress web developer, sales funnel designer, affiliate marketer, software designer, blog design teacher, graphic designer, SEO guy, digital marketing web strategist, FB Ads re-marketing pro, and blogger. I know, I know, that’s a lot of roles I just listed. Well let me tell you, in this business to be one of the best you need to be able to know and understand all these roles. Otherwise, you have to outsource which is something I don’t do. Understanding all these roles allows me to put together sales funnels and business blueprints with ease. I handcraft every website on my own with no help. This is how I operate as a one man badass web business building machine. ;) If you’re interested in knowing more about how my businesses operate, learn more about working with me one-on-one here.

To your online money making success,

My Current Ventures & Partnerships

​Build a ​Blog School

I'm launching a school soon to help people create a life of freedom. It's a simple guide on how to build a blog and automate an income.

​SMB Master

​Web ​development, CRM ​architecture, ​sales ​funnel ​design, WordPress web development, lead generation, ​membership​, eComm, and more...

​JV Web N​inja

​I partner​ with social media celebrities with millions of followers and monetize their web traffic with sales funnels by building them member/eComm websites.

​Dating, Love & Sex Tips

​I partnered with Celebrity Matchmaker Carmelia Ray ​to bring you 'Dating, Love & Sex Tips' It's a blog to help people find the love of their life.

​Built to Inspire

​I created a blog simple to share a lot of inspiration in the world. I've reached over 3,000,000 website visitors. I did not monetize this website.

​A​lexandra Beth

​I partnered with Alexandra's Girly Talk Superstar Alexandra Beth (​3.1 Million YouT​ube S​ubscribers) to bring you a blog about beauty and positivity.

​Andivero Photo

​I partnered ​with world renowned fitness photographer Paul Buceta to bring you a school for photographers looking to shoot glamour and fitness.

STRONG Fitness Mag

​​I partnered with STRONG Fitness Mag to bring you the STRONG Membership Community. It's a place for women who live to be fit. (over 300K F​acebook fans)

​FF Model Academy

​I partnered with ​the CEO of Femme Fatale Media Emily Lyons to bring you a school for girls who are looking to build a brand and enter the modeling world.

​Train With Lyzabeth

​I built an online membership community for Lyzabeth Lopez, founder of the Hourglass Workout (over 5 million fans)

​Hourglass Workout

​​I ​developed the main website for the Hourglass W​orkout, by ​Lyzabeth Lopez. She currently has 14 franchises in the GTA and growing.

​Lyzabeth Lopez

​I​ ​partnered with Lyzabeth Lopez and her team to develop her personal website as the hub of her online online brands. (over 5 millions fans)

​Muscle Intelligence

​I built a website for Ben Pakulski, the creator of the MI40 Muscle B​uilding Programs​ which is one of the most sold fitness programs in the affiliate world.

​Hustle for Love

​I partnered with Celebrity Matchmaker Carmelia Ray to bring you an online course for men over 40 on how to attract ​love through online dating.

​City Social Pass

​I partnered with Adam Julian, Toronto Nightlife and Events Expert to bring you an annual pass to get access to the best nightclubs and restaurants in the city.

​M​iss Prestin

​I built ​a membership website for Miss ​Prestin (over ​1.7 ​million Facebook fans) ​and ​guided her on starting her online business.

​Coach JVB

​I ​developed​ all the websites and sales funnels for C​oach JVB (over 50K Facebook fans), founder of Team Strong Girls.

​Julie Germaine

​I ​built an online membership community for ​fitness coach Julie Germaine​ (over ​1.3 million Facebook fans)

My Dev/Web Services

​One-on-One Consult

​Let create your million dollar blueprint. A one hour consult with me can change your life and online business.

Investment: $450/hr

​One Day Smash

​Want a fully designed and developed WordPress site with eCommerce ​all connected to an automated crm?

Investment: $4500​/day

​Two Day Ninja Site

​Want ​to add a fully custom membership portal and FB pixels to your site all connected to an automated crm?

Investment: $​3750/day

​CRM Architecture

​Let me create all your funnel flows and automations in your crm. ​

Investment: $​1000+

​Sales F​unnel ​Design

​Let me create your sales funnels and setup a/b testing and analytics.

Investment: $​1000+

​Web Development

​Fully complete WordPress web development & graphic design.

Investment: $1000+


​Making ​73K Online in ​1 Month With ​3 hours of Work​ and No Expenses!

  • ​Learn how one of my clients made $​73,000+ in ​1 month from selling a 12 week fitness challenge.
  • ​Learn step-by-step how everything was done - nothing to hide.
  • ​For beginners with no technical skill - it's that easy!
​in two weeks

​​D​igital Nomad Life

​For the last 9 years I've been traveling around the world. All I need to live is my laptop and WiFi. Let me teach you step-by-step how to create your own freedom life and make money online with a WordPress blog website.

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